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Poetry and Prose
Front Porch accepts flash fiction, short stories, poetry, and creative nonfiction. Please submit only one piece of fiction and nonfiction at a time (up to or around 5500 words), and no more than five poems at a time as DOC or RTF files only. Make sure your name and the page number appear on each page of the document. You must submit via our online system.

We are now accepting flash prose pieces to feature on our website between issues. For these pieces, we’re open to fiction, nonfiction, prose poems, or hybrids. Please select “Flash Prose” in the submission manager. Our upper limit on these pieces is a hazy 600 words. More than that and they should go into the regular genre queues. We prefer pieces that have an emotional arc, however abbreviated, instead of snapshots of settings or characters, but we want to see your best regardless of the focus.

Our response time is generally 3-4 months, but may be longer (usually over the summer) and is often much shorter. While you can submit at anytime during the year, our reading periods are September-October, January-February, and May-June. We accept unsolicited simultaneous submissions, given that you promptly inform us upon acceptance elsewhere. We do not accept previously published material. Front Porch asks for first serial rights and the right to keep your work in our archives; all other rights revert back to the author after publication. We also ask that authors mention that their work first saw publication in Front Porch in any future reprints.

Front Porch now seeks visual media submissions. We would love to see any artwork that can be represented visually on our website, whether that is paintings, sculpture, ceramic, graphic work, digital creations, photography, sketches, sequential art or any kind of art that we could not think to list.

Front Porch accepts visual media submissions in two categories: single artworks to pair with literary texts, and series of artworks to publish with an artist’s statement. In the subject of your email, please specify this by writing ART SUBMISSION or SERIES SUBMISSION. This allows us to keep track of which is which. Please send no more than 10 images. We accept JPG, JPEG and GIF files under 3MB; any visual media must be contained within one of these file types. The image resolution must be 600-800px in its largest dimension. Please title each file with your last name and the name of the work.Please include with your submission a short bio (not artist’s statement), and captions for each piece including the name of the artwork, its medium, and the year completed. Please put this information in the body of the email. You may submit your work to Front Porch at
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